Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to Spot a Fake OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone

OtterBox cases, especially ones that are made to fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, are the most counterfeited cases in the market right now. If you shop online, you have an 85% chance of encountering sellers that deal with replica OtterBox cases. These fake OtterBox iPhone cases can be found on eBay, Amazon, iOffer (especially iOffer), Craigslist, and more. Even "Top Rated Sellers" are selling these counterfeit cases and claiming that they're 100% guaranteed authentic. Don't be fooled, look for the telltale signs I've listed below and save yourself any grief and avoid getting ripped off.

First, get to know the product. The iPhone 4/4s OtterBox Defender Series Case has three layers that protect your phone, a membrane that protects the screen, a polycarbonate inner shell, and a rugged outer silicone.

Now, here are what you should look for:

  • The screen membrane is built into the polycarbonate shell. If it's not there or the seller claims it's separate, then it's probably a fake.
  • The screen membrane is scratch-resistant and fingerprint/smudge-proof. If the one you have is neither, then it's probably a fake.
  • The back portion of the inner shell has a thin foam lining with the OtterBox logo on it. If it's not there or it's a black felt-type material, then it's probably a fake.
  • The outer silicone is rigid. To me, it feels like the rubber of a car tire. If it's flimsy or too squishy, then it's probably a fake.
  • The iPhone OtterBox Defender Case has various colors for the inner shell as well as the outer silicone. Anything that's not on the list is most likely a fake.
    • Outer Silicone: Gunmetal Gray, Black, Dark Blue, Teal, Deep Plum, Olive Green
    • Inner Shell: White, Black, Night Sky Blue, Light Teal, Peony Pink, Gray, Sun Yellow
iPhone OtterBox Defender Series Cases retail for about $49.99 plus tax (if applicable). Retailers that buy this type of OtterBox case at wholesale price get them for at least $25 each. Very rarely is it sold for less than that even at wholesale. Therefore, if you see one that's going for less than the wholesale price, then be very leery of this. As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. This is such a cute case! So adorable!

  2. Just a question, the fake looks so very much like the real. The fake is 10 $ the real 6 0r 7 times as much. What makes the real worth that much more ?

  3. I unfortunately purchased a fake commuter series case online. It was accurate right down to most of the packaging. I had a couple of small issues with the way it fit the phone. Most people probably would not have noticed but I am picky. I called the manufacturer and spoke directly to the quality department. Other than the poor fit of the soft inner rubber material, the only way they could tell was by the incorrect manufacturing traceability markings (date code, factory ID, etc.). Even the packaging was copied right down to the letter and very convincing. If it had not been for a minor fit issue and the factory codes, it could easily pass.

  4. I just purchased one from eBay for 25.00 then read that there are fakes. After reading about how to detect if it's real or not I still am not 100% sure. Where did you contact manufacturer. Phone # was it on the packaging etc??? I am like you and want to find out if mine is genuine or not so if not I can return it. Tks.